Take Action to Confront the Climate Crisis

Send this letter to your elected representatives to urge them to support bold action on climate change.

I am writing you as a constituent, a voter, and a travel enthusiast to urge you to support impactful policies to help our environment and address the climate crisis – especially surrounding commercial air travel. 

Air travel accounts for roughly 3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions – but is widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging sectors to decarbonize. I urge you to support the prompt enactment of legislation that supports the development and deployment of clean, low-carbon transportation fuels, accelerates zero-carbon power generation, and incentivizes carbon capture and storage.

Strong Federal and State policy leadership will be essential to reducing the climate impacts of air travel. Your leadership and support are needed to advance and accelerate these permanent, scalable solutions that hold the potential to decarbonize the air transportation industry – and not just offset emissions.

Thank you for your consideration.